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Bio Force Power Bench

The preacher bench (accessory on the BIO FORCE Challenge) is the perfect tool for isolating your biceps!

FINNLO multi-gym / Bio Force

Power Bench (optional)

The Power Bench is the perfect accessory. With a seat angle that adjusts from 0 to 80 degrees, it lets you do additional hard-core exercises. The simple clamping mechanism makes setting up the Power Bench a snap.


Bio Force Power Bench

Product details:

  • Perfect accessory for professional-grade bench presses, incline presses, flying rows, shoulder presses, lat pull-downs
  • 5 backrest positions
  • Seat position automatically adjusts with the backrest
  • Seat angle can be set between 0 and 80 degrees
  • Clamping mechanism makes Power Bench easy to connect
  • Bio Force comfort cushion
  • Quality steel tubing that can handle lifters weighing up to 135 kg
  • Equipment weight: 24.3 kg (gross), 20,9 kg (net)
  • Footprint: 114/120 cm x 49 cm x 106 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 135 kg
  • Color: Graphite/black
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